Brazillian Blow Dry

Kebelo System Blow Dry at Per Capita

100 days of beautiful hair in just one hour!

Prices start from £99

How Does the Kebelo Blow Dry Work?

The three step unique hair smoothing system works as follows:

1 – Cleanse

The Kebelo system clarifying shampoo prepares the hair by removing build up and opens the cuticles, making hair feel soft, rather than squeaky and dry. The Kebelo system naturally detangles and eliminates the need to comb, which reduces hair damage. After cleansing, the hair is rough dried and divided into sections before application of the treatment in the next step.

2 – Treat

Infused with botanical proteins and amino acids, the Kebelo Advantage system also boasts a formula with the latest carbocysteine and dispersion technology making it the most advanced hair smoothing formula available. The carbocysteine ingredient strengthens repairs and revitalises each strand of your hair from deep within, whilst the botanical proteins seal and replenish each hair cuticle.

Your hair is then rough dried and divided into sections before straighteners are used to seal in the treatment. Once it has been heat sealed, unlike other treatments the hair is ready to be washed!

3 – Maintain

The Kebelo System® offers a choice of two specially formulated aftercare ranges, consisting of shampoo and conditioner alongside a weekly masque for naturally dry, coarse hair and naturally oily, limp hair. Both these ranges are 100% parabens and SLS free, ensuring that your hair stays smooth, glossy and frizz-free for even longer.

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